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FADE Clan / 17+/ CDL / PC 3120
FADE Clan / 17+/ CDL / PC
Desktop Computer
FADE Clan Clan E-sports
We offer:
▣ Serious and respectful players
▣ Ascent possibility in our Clan
▣ Official Website (
▣ Support for all players
▣ Discord server (
▣ Social-media's
▣ Nice and above all helpful admin's/mod's
▣ Strong competitive team
▣ Very active players
We are looking for:
- Active gamers over 17 y.
- Players who like to play Scrims / CDL
- Casual & professional gamers
- Ambition
- Motivation

1 new member are currently being sought for the main-team in the form of an application and generally for the community:

Requirements for the main team:

▣ Over 17 y.
▣ PC
▣ Activity and interest in our clan
▣ CDL mode experience
▣ min. 100 hours of gaming experience
▣ respectful treatment of other players

Your FADE Clan team.
L1DE E-Sports search new player!!! 3437
L1DE E-Sports search new player!!!
Desktop Computer
L1DE E-Sports L1DE Games E-Sports
3437 L1DE E-Sports search new player!!! 3437
3 Mon.
We offer:
Our Team is different and friendlier than the others! We have a Tik Tok channel and a professional discord server. Our clan colors are blue and white... how Rocket League. We are Better and not Toxic.
We are looking for:
If you wanr to join our clan, you have to join our discord server and follow the instructions.

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