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NoFace Gaming looking for you! 3310
NoFace Gaming looking for you!
Desktop Computer
NoFace Gaming CS:GO casual Esport
We offer:
» A variety of internal tournaments
» Competent and friendly management
» Regular members' round table
» Own homepage, Teamspeakserver and forum
» A well thought out ranking system for our members
» Experienced ESport coaches and managers
» Friendly and competent members through a trained
selection process
» Have fun, variety and joy in a family environment
We are looking for:
» You are at least 16 years old
» You own and use Teamspeak³
» You speak the German language
» You have a Steam account
» You don't have a VAC or game BAN
Palerus is looking for pro Players 3392
Palerus is looking for pro Players
Desktop Computer
Palerus esports proteam tournament
3392 Palerus is looking for pro Players 3392
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We offer:
· A rebranded esport organisation
· Tournaments
· Professionality
· Sponsor
We are looking for:
· Professional Players, who search for an esport organisation
· Players who can play together
· Players with hidden potential
· Players with at least Platinum III
· Players who want to invest their time into our organisation
18+ RL Community for Beginners & Profis 3255
18+ RL Community for Beginners & Profis
Desktop Computer
WINTEX SPORTS multigame esports 18+
3255 18+ RL Community for Beginners & Profis 3255
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We offer:
• Large community with uncomplicated recording
• Players who suit you exactly (age, experience...) at any time of the day
• Cozy atmosphere, casual gamble
• A nice and family community with quick player search
• Leading gaming organisation
• 18+ Community. Children & stress-free zone
• No need for activity
• Experienced management and professional structure
• Teamspeak with its own private channels
... and much more!
We are looking for:
• Adult persons with mature behaviour
• German language
• Cozy and friendly personalities
• Team players and gaming buddies for exciting hours
• PC Gamer
... so exactly you! :-)
Desktop Computer
RAZEY eSport team competitive community
3429 RAZEY ESPORT 3429
3 Tage
We offer:
RAZEY eSport bietet dir:

- Kompetenz im organisierten und virtuellen Sport
- Strukturiertes Team in der Verwaltung/Management (18+)
- Designer & Cutter
- Content Creator overall > 10.000 Follower
- Teampacks und Individuelle Designs
- Team Events
- Social Media Präsenz
- Team Merchandise
We are looking for:
RAZEY eSport sucht:

- mind. 13 (Wettkampfs Berechtigung)
- Motivierte Spieler mit Fokus auf Turniere bzw. Erfolg
- Teambewusstes und höffliches Auftreten
- Respektvoller Umgang untereinander
- Aktivität (Sowohl im Game als auch im Discord)
- Content Creator
- Casual Spieler
- ggf. Management, Support, Cutter, Designer, Coaches, etc.
Team Brave is looking for you 3284
Team Brave is looking for you
Desktop Computer
Team Brave proteam esports multigaming
We offer:
➨ Soon a merch too
➨ sponsorship
➨ Organized management
➨ Social media activity
➨ cohesion
➨ training sessions
➨ Promotion opportunities
We are looking for:
➨ Social skills & mentality
➨ Minimum age: 12 years old
➨ Loyalty & activity
➨ Train daily (ambitious)
➨ compete in tournaments
➨ Competitive player
Zate Clan is recruiting! 3321
Zate Clan is recruiting!
Desktop Computer
Zate Clan esport proteam csgo
3321 Zate Clan is recruiting! 3321
6 Mon.
We offer:
- Discord Server
- Game Server
- Website with Member Area
- CS:GO Database
We are looking for:
Players of any skill level!

If interested visit:

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