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Hey, my name is Kaij. Im 16 years old and Im from Germany. I can speak english and german without any problems. I got 700 Hours in CSGO. My main role is a fragger or supporter. Im good with AWP but I dont play it often. End of 2020 I got a VAC ban for cheating on my Main Account. I was using Wallhack and Skinchanger. I agree with you. Cheating is not good at all and I will never ever even touch cheats in CSGO. I got good aim but not that much gamesense. I know how to act in certain situations, but sometimes I find myself struggeling. I know my "cheating past" isnt is that good for my appear but I still hope you can give me a chance and invite me to a Testmatch.
Age: 16
Country: European
Listed for: Counterstrike GO
System: PC


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