Mario "KenningWest "

Last online: 13 Mai 2021

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Searching for team

I’m an CoD veteran and play for high streaks or just clapping cheeks in game.
I don’t mind about stats or something if you’ve fun on the game.
In MP i play a lot SMGs and in warzone a lot sniper or Galil if its important.

Hit me up on psn (Majjo11) if you’re interested.

See you then

Age: 23
Listed for: Call of Duty
System: PS4


looking for new mates Majjo11
3 Mon.
I'm looking for:
Looking for guys who play like aggressive or tactical for SnD.

Im an aggressive player who tries to get big streaks and farm kill after kill but i can also play very tactical on the other hand and play it safe.

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