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Hey, i mainly play League of Legends. I can play nearly every role, though my main roles are Mid and Top (M) bedeutet, dass ich die Position/den Champ Maine

(M) Mid - (M) Akali, (M) Yone, Ahri, Illaoi, Veigar, Jhin, Brand, Lux
(M) Top - (M) Illaoi
Jungle - Kha Zix, Xin Zhao
Support - Nautilus, Brand, Senna, Veigar, Lux
ADC - Jhin, Cait, Ashe, Brand, Veigar, Senna, Lux

Zu Mir: Ich bin 20 Jahre jung, aktuell Auszubildender Lacklaborant und heiße Pascal

Kommunikationswege: Discord, TeamSpeak (eig. ungerne)

Discord@ = Perceive.-#2659
League@ = Perceive323F
Age: 22
City: Bad Camberg
Country: European
Listed for: League of Legends
System: PC


Looking for active Friends | Current Rank Bro.. Perceive323F

Mid Lane
2 Years
Bronze II
Mid Lane
Top Lane
I'm looking for:
Open for Normals and Ranks. Informations in my profile!

I can speak english and german!

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