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Hier findest du neue Mitspieler, oder auch einen Gegner zum Trainieren und eigentlich auch noch viel mehr. Für mehr Informationen zum Einstieg wähle ob du auf Teamsuche bist oder Spielersuche.

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Apex Clans, looking for teams Allianzen, Gruppen, Gilden

bTitans seeks community member 3274
bTitans seeks community member bTitans
1 Tag
We offer:
- A Teamspeak and Discord server
- A friendly and respectful community
- Structured management
- Regular community evenings
- Child-free zone
- Support and promotion of members
- Full support at tournaments /ESL/FACEIT
- The average age of the community is 25 years
- An online shop (jersey, hoodie etc)
We are looking for:
- A minimum age of 18 years
- Spiritual Maturity & Healthy Human Integrity
- Active participation in the community
- No VAC/BattleEye ban or similar
- Ts activity
- no further membership in another clan or community | Organization
- Fun and respectful interaction with other members and players
Ryzing Gaming e.V. recruit! Apex Legends 3187
Ryzing Gaming e.V. recruit! Apex Legends Ryzing Gaming e.V.
We offer:
We are a german Esports Organization!

- Homepage
- Teamspeak³
- Official Iphone App
- Official Android App
- Firefox & Thunderbird Clan Banner
- Steam-Groups
- WhatsApp-Groups for each Section
- Discord Groups
- Competitive and Casual Gaming !
- We own 15 Counterstrike : GO Trainings Clan Server!!
We are looking for:
- At least 18 Years old!
- Having fun
- The use of our Teamspeak Server
- No Cheats (VAC Bann etc.)
- Teamplayer
- Accepts criticism

Apex Player search Search, find teammates

Hi all i hit diamond ses 4
1 Mon.
About me
hi mates i play league since ses 7 i hit plat 1 pre ses 10 now looking for some duo so we climb to diamond atm im plat 4 ^^
I'm looking for:
I need good team mates we climb to diamond 1/2 or master