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We offer:

We are a new and upcoming gaming Org, we are giving you all you need to compete at the level you can, we are in the process of looking for a Coach as well as a Teammanager. - Check our Webpage out:

Weekly Tournaments, clear training structure, Website exposure, Scrims, a Teammanager (In the process) and a coach (in the process).

We are looking for:

We are looking for High Dia / Masters+ Players that want to join our Team, we aim for the Prime League and want to compete in high divisions with the clear Target of EU Masters, be ready to train hard and go hard in the next prime league Season 2021. We want you guys to train early enough so you can Synergies perfectly and hit high tier Prime Divisons.

You need to be able to speak: German and English.

We need atleast 3 Players to have their resident in a DACH country.


Add me on Discord:

Or our manager: