04 Juni 2020 Airborne Games

Amazon Games presented us with a shooter with their second self-developed game and we tested it for you.

What is Crucible anyway?

Crucible is a free-to-play game and was released on Steam. There were already problems with the release, so that players had to wait until 5 am to be able to play the game. In any case, this did not give the community a good start. In the team PvP PVE shooter from Amazon Games and Relentless Studios you fight as a hunter in different game modes. Every hunter has different skills. You can choose the hunter that suits your style of play. Do you want to storm into a fight first and also endure a lot? Then you might like the hunter Earl. Do you want to irritate your opponents swiftly like a weasel and impress them with your moves? Then we advise you to visit Tosca.
You collect "Essence" in every game mode. You need this to level your team in the current game. The higher your level, the stronger the various abilities of your hunter. The secondary goal is to always have as many harvesters as possible. Harvesters automatically collect valuable essences and bring you the level boost you need over time. To get additional essences there are PVE monsters all over the map that drop essences when they die.

Are the hunters all equally strong?

Clearly - no!
In our opinion, this should not be the case either. A tank can take a lot, but it loses damage. The damage dealer, on the other hand, is strong in attack but can not withstand much. This is exactly the balancing act that Amazon Gaming creates here with Crucible. So here is a suitable team selection important to be successful.

The game currently offers 3 game modes:

Heart of Swarms - In this game mode you have to try with 3 other teammates to get 3 hearts of a swarm.

Battle Royale - You have to try with a second player to get among the last living teams as the ring keeps closing.

Harvester - I would call these game modes domination in which 4v4 players participate. This is about taking and holding as many harvest stations as possible.

What's not going so well yet?

Unfortunately, you have to say clearly that although the game principle seems inventive and well implemented, the negative side also stands out. There is currently no in-game chat. Sure, you can now be happy that you don't have to get insults or stupid sayings on your head. However, we think that communication should be possible. No in-game chat? Nagut ... No problem, but surely there is a voice chat? … Unfortunately no - here too we have a game today that has no way of communicating via voice. However, one has to say ... It is easy to find a solution like Teamspeak or Discord if you put together your own team anyway. Usually this is already there.


The game captivates with its new ideas and well-designed hunters. The game mechanics are easy to understand and the gameplay is definitely a lot of fun. If you play the game alone, the frustration factor can increase very quickly due to the lack of team play and lack of communication options. Therefore we recommend at this point: Find teammates and you will like this game!