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Platinum IV
Mid Lane

Play time:

After around 17:00 MET/MEST

Platinum 4 Support LF Semi-Competitive or Competitive Team

About me

Spiele Legue seit Ende von Season 7
Climbe jede Season höher (S7: B3; S8: G4; S9: G1) und bin im Moment Platin 4
Support Main, jede Art von Support
Sehr motiviert mich zu Verbessern und im Team zu trainieren

Playing League since the end of Season 7
Climbing higher and higher each season (S7: B3; S8: G5; S9: G1) and peaking at P4 rn
Playing Support primarily, but any type
very motivated to improve and train with a team!

19 y/o
League: Lørd øf the Vøid
Discord: Damoin#1772

I'm looking for:

LF a team around my skill level or higher willing to pick me up.
I'd love to do some matches to show my skills and convince you to choose me as your future supporter!
I'm improving my skills constantly and am willing to train hard to keep it that way.
I'd love to become a part of a community as well, showing support for my organization and feeling with them!
Anyways, hope to be able to talk and/or play with you guys!


Discord: Damoin#1772
E-Mail: damionlucian@gmail.com
League: Lørd øf the Vøid

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