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About us

We are a small and fresh Rocket League community. On our Discord Server you can find your real mates.
We are constantly trying to increase the community to have the right players on every skill level.

If you finally want to find your right mates, please visit our Discord Server.
Or, if you want answers to your questions or general tips about Rocket League.

We offer:

We are a small Rocket League community that is always trying to grow to find the right team for every player.

On our Discord Server you have the possibility to find the right mates to play with.
You can also promote your own RL tournaments and leagues. Every User on our Discord server can see your advertisement and might contact you for a spot.

We offer among other things our own Discord Server with the latest Rocket League news, text and voice channels to communicate and play together.

We are looking for:

Everything we expect is written in the rules on our discord server.
But the most important thing is that you should behave respectfully in the community, but without losing the fun.


You can contact us either by PM in Discord or on our Discord server.
Link: URL
Discord account: NicoTNG#6390
Or: BernhardP#5861