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Gaming & Chill search Gamer 3090
Gaming & Chill search Gamer
Desktop Computer
Gaming Chill discord Gaming valorant
3090 Gaming & Chill search Gamer 3090
6 Days
We offer:
We offer:
an active community
active and competent team
a well structured Discord
friendly and respectful community
Extension opportunities
1000 members
We are looking for:
Were looking for:
Loyality Cohesion
Respective handling
A sense of humor
a certain maturity preferably 16
Fun playing
Desktop Computer
M4TERIALS - M4T server discord silver
1 Mon.
gold nova master
We offer:
We are a group and anyone can join us!
Every rank is welcome and can communicate with the other members via Discord at any time and have a better gaming experience.
The sharing of knowledge as well as having fun is desirable for us.
Every map that is also available in the workshop will be loaded on our community server by votes!
We give adminroles for the server and Discord trustworthy as well as the people who start with us first!
In our group, every kind of humor is allowed!
We are looking for:
We are looking for players who are currently playing alone or who are missing several team members
30er gamingaustria Agents wanted! 3197
30er gamingaustria Agents wanted!
Desktop Computer
30er Gaming Community multigaming discord relaxed
3197 30er gamingaustria Agents wanted! 3197
1 Year
We offer:
a cosy family environment without stress
DISCORD server with sufficient space
Info about game news
Raids an Legendary
Pro homepage
mature community 30 years AUT/DE/CH
We are looking for:
Playmates aged 25 years or their behaviour matches
Members who have fun playing the game and dont take everything too seriously
Mates who have DISCORD and a good mic
No cheaters
Some activity in the discord and community interest would be nice!

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