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G4sich Last online: 20 Apr 2019


Play time:

I can play most of the day but not on evenings because my connection gets unstable

3,3 Peak-Flex DPS looking for a Team to play skrims and tournaments with

About me

Hey, my name is Phil, i am from Austria but I can fluently speak English. Im a 3.3 Peak DPS-Main that plays mostly projectile heroes but I can also flex to a Cree or Widow if its needed.

I'm looking for:

a team thats

-practising (skrims or comp)
-analysing their gamestrats
-playing in tournaments

I am a 3,3 Flex-DPS Main. I can play almost every hero, but i like Projectile Heroes the most. I am also good shotcaller.


Feel free to DM me on Discord G4sich#1936

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Discord G4sich#1936
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