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Gold II

Play time:

Online most of the time // exams atm.

basic gold scrub LFT

About me

I play League since S1 with a lot of breaks inbetween. I just started again and look for a fun group of people.
I mainly play jungle and adc but I'm open for other roles too.
I would rate myself as a upper Gold player but I'm not playing a lot of ranked atm.

I'm looking for:

-LF fun group with ambition to get better together.
-Around gold/plat
-I mainly play jgl or adc bc I enjoy it the most. but I'm open to learn a new role too.
-Not to much experience.
-Played in teams before
-Ger/ Eng


Leagueacc: Hessijαmes Discord: Hessijαmes#2093

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