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liquidkoda Last online: 14 Mär 2021

Entry Fragger

Play time:

I live in Germany and i am going to school i can play daily from 16-17 and from 19-0

Looking for Faceit mates

About me

I am playing CS:GO since ending 2017
My Roles: Entry, Rifler
My Fav. Maps: Mirage, Inferno, Overpass
Maps i cant play (because of my PC):
Nuke, Train,

I'm looking for:

I am looking for a Faceitmates so i can escape out of elo hell
(Rank rn faceit lvl1. Why? One of my teammates got a false faceit ban and i got punished with -386 Elo what got me down from almost faceit lvl 4 to level 2 and now i am stuck in lvl 1)


U can contact me over my Steam Profile: URL
or over my discord: liquidkoda#9146

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