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MarcoReckless Last online: 12 Jan 2021


Free boosting below platinum

About me

- Peak SR
○ Tank: 3013
○ Damage: 3124
○ Support: 3627
○ Open: 4050

I'm looking for:

Hi, I am a mid-Masters support and low diamond dps player that is looking to have fun in low ranks. The boost is SOLO only so it involves account sharing, do not contact me unless you're aware of this, I had people not reading plenty of times.

I can do 0-2000 dps and 0-2600 support.

I can do it for any server (Europe, America and Asia).

You can find proof of my previous boosts and my topic here (https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1466338).

If you don't trust me I can show you my real Battle.net profile through Discord (screenshare).


Discord: MarcoReckless#4433

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