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Nicolas Last online: 14 Jan 2021

Entry Fragger

Play time:

Im online on Monday and Wednesday at 7pm CET + weekends

Structured Team with a great harmony

About me


I`m Nicolas searching for a new team.

-20 years old
-playing since the beginning 2018
-2,8k hours
-Faceit 8 (never played it activly)
-independent working (Demo+Aim)
-mostly played the anchor role and Entry
-open for new roles

-playing since my first 700 hours for Reddix Liqta where i played DIvison 4 on 99dmg 3 out of 4 times Relegation to Division 3 (Dumbledore1337)
-time for prac on Monday and Wednesday from 7pm CET open end and Weekend

I'm looking for:

I´m searching for a functual Team which is willing to play leagues and tournements. One of the most important aspects is the harmony in the team because it is still a hobby but nevertheless is hard working to become the best version of the team possible.


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