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15:00-3:00 Central European Time

21 y.o Plat 3 LF Structured Team

About me

21 Years old and ive currently got 1600 Hours on R6 PC and 900 on PS4, Consistently Ranking Platinum over the past Seasons.
I play Sledge, IQ, Buck, Jackal and Maverick on Attack and Jager, Bandit, Smoke, Mute and Vigil on Defense.
Looking for a team with a good Structure and Communication to grind Ranked with.

I'm looking for:

I'm Looking for a Team with a clear Structure and Role designation (not just a bunch of Ash mains) to Grind out some rankeds and Compete in some Scrims. I've been consistently hitting Plat for the past few Seasons and the Highest ive ever reached was Plat 2.
Frag/Flex Player.


Discord: Pan1c#8715

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Discord Pan1c#8715
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