#1 Spam

One profile per club / clan / community.
1x listing per game.

Spam of any kind, multiple profiles for the same clan / team. Listings in wrong categories.

#2 Emojis / special characters

Usefull emojis e.g. as a bullet ▣ in dimensions and without color are okay.

Use colored emojis (like ❌) or other characters in titles. Inappropriate information such as headline instead of team name.

#3 Inappropriate information

All information, texts and images should correspond to the intended purpose (team / player search).

Photo instead of team logo, team peak link instead of website link


We have URL fields in the team brand management, as well as in the contact details. Links and URL information are only possible there.

Any domains or domain endings in headings, names and other places which are not intended for domain information.

#5 Politics, vulgar language, disrespect, religion

Neutral and friendly ads, lets stay at gaming topic ;)

Any politicization, in this context also any flags, politicized texts, religion.

#6 Text

Full textes and at least 1 full sentence in fields like "I'm looking for," "I'm offering," "About me," "Heading."

Incomplete advertisements and information (if you are lazy to write, then leave it be).

#7 Advertising

Teams and players can advertise free of charge in the specially designated categories.
Everyone else can contact us for promotional deals.

Third-party advertising (e.g. forums, projects, hosting, software, coaching, shops)

#8 Team / Server Name

The name of the team / server should be unique such as: Orang Utan eSports, Valorant Lions, Valorant Scrims Server, Valorant LFG Server

Common server / team names like CS: GO Austria, Valorant Deutschland, Fortnite Germany are misleading and undesirable.

#9 Server groups

Server groups are not eSport teams in the actual sense, but are currently allowed to make an entry in the server section.

Server groups should neither create an LFM / LFG advertisement nor use the PN function for advertising.