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18+ RL Community for Beginners & Profis 3255
18+ RL Community for Beginners & Profis
Desktop Computer
WINTEX SPORTS multigame esports 18+
3255 18+ RL Community for Beginners & Profis 3255
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We offer:
• Large community with uncomplicated recording
• Players who suit you exactly (age, experience...) at any time of the day
• Cozy atmosphere, casual gamble
• A nice and family community with quick player search
• Leading gaming organisation
• 18+ Community. Children & stress-free zone
• No need for activity
• Experienced management and professional structure
• Teamspeak with its own private channels
... and much more!
We are looking for:
• Adult persons with mature behaviour
• German language
• Cozy and friendly personalities
• Team players and gaming buddies for exciting hours
• PC Gamer
... so exactly you! :-)
30er gamingaustria Agents wanted! 3197
30er gamingaustria Agents wanted!
Desktop Computer
30er Gaming Community multigaming discord relaxed
3197 30er gamingaustria Agents wanted! 3197
8 Mon.
We offer:
➔ a cosy family environment without stress
➔ DISCORD server with sufficient space
➔ Info about game news
➔ Raids an Legendary
➔Pro homepage
➔ mature community (Ø 30 years) AUT/DE/CH
We are looking for:
➔ Playmates aged 25+ years (or their behaviour matches)
➔ Members who have fun playing the game and don't take everything too seriously
➔ Mates who have DISCORD and a good mic
➔ No cheaters
➔ Some activity in the discord and community interest would be nice!

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