Last online: 16 Apr 2021

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Searching for team

I'm 25 years old and have been playing CS since 1.6. Because I haven't had a permanent team before and am always enthusiastic about the way other teams play. I am now looking for a team with whom I can train regularly and thus learn a lot.

I had no previous experience with league games etc. I would like to change that and get the best out of CSGO and myself together with a team.

MM: Global Elite
Faceit: lvl 7 - 8
Hours: 4000+
Roles: Rifler, Support, Entry Fragger (I'm generally open to everything except AWP'per)
Favorite maps: Inferno, Overpass, Dust II, Cache
Age: 25
City: Köln
Country: European
Listed for: Counterstrike GO
System: PC


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Game Hours Rank To
CSGO 4200 Global Elite 2021

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