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sabretooth Last online: 01 Dez 2020


Play time:

I have college and a job, a job that only requires me in the evenings part time.

1.6k-1.8k hitscan dps main in Overwatch looking to improve

About me

I am a 19 year old college student looking to improve in overwatch and overall climb up the ranked ladder, and imrpvie himself to be a hitscan dps player. I love playing widowmaker, McCree, Reaper, Ashe, and I enjoy a little bit of soldier. My discord tag is sabretooth#4200 for further communication.

I'm looking for:

Hi all, my name is sabretooth, and I'm a hitscan dps player in overwatch. I'm looking for a silver team that can help me improve in my role and take my play to the next level. I am level 468 in overwatch, and have a lot of time playing the game. I'm a 19 year old college student who has time, but not too much time. Contact information is below for further communication efforts.


discord: sabretooth#4200
blizzard: sabretooth#11480
twitter: @sabretooth_27

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UPlay: sabretooth_27
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