Public server csgo Discord (ENGLISH)

Users: 10-100 Discord Server
About our Server:
In our discord server you will find everything! Be one of those people who hears a whole team in their ear every time they play a match, faceit or participate in other fights! After the verification, you are also entitled to see everything and also to use our community servers and upcoming features! Before you can even start with us, you must be verified by a staff member or admin, unless you have verified yourself with the bot! Then we will text you anyway to find out your rank and
Nutzer: 10-100 Discord Gruppe Zum Server
Nutzer: 100-500 Discord Server
About our Server:
ΔΞLTΛ-esports provides you a platform where you meet new people and have fun with your friends in art, gamimg, meme or music-channels. Pick your own roles and get started right now!
Nutzer: 100-500 Discord Gruppe Zum Server

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