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SirWilliamFox Last online: 02 Feb 2021

Entry Fragger

Play time:

I've got huge amouts of free time on my hand and nothing else to do than to play cs

Global searching Team

About me

Hello there. I am 21 years old and i've spent the last year swapping games. I used to play league of legends semiprofesional, but my love for fps shooters never died. So early this year i've deciced to make the cut and go all in on counterstrike. I speak german, english, french and danish.

After roughly a year of training:

I got quite a good gamesense,
got to global
improved my knowledge on almost every map
learned all basics
aquired and estabilshed myself a good training routine
i just recently started playing faceit. My current rank is 4 but i think it will be easy to push for 5/6/7

I'm looking for:

I am currently looking for a team to help me transition into the more serious side of counterstrike.

Although i am fairly new to the game i am searching for a team around faceit 5/6+ and global.


direcly or on steam.
if you choose to message me on steam, please comment before, ty

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