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We are a new team (22.02.2020), which is now looking for new ones.

We offer:

➤ We offer a structured and organized Discord Server with competent leaders and supporters who are available to you around the clock for questions or solutions.
➤ People to gamble for all game modes & creative

We are looking for:

「E-Sports Team」
➤ Is regulated internally by the pro team
➤ Players who are at least 13 years old.
➤ Players with team skills, critical faculties and motivation
➤ Players with experience in comp. scene
➤ Very good rankings
➤ Approx. 6k arena points (see how many points came through hype nite)

"Professional team"
➤ Approx. 4k arena points
➤ Activate a tournament position
➤ Good placements
➤ good mechanics and sense of play

There is still the casual team but there is not enough space


Contact 18K Kakxshi#3169 on Discord or Join the Discord and write your application as in the channel contest viewing.

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