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Wir sind ein neuartiges Kompetitiv Team, was momentan in Fortnite sein Glück probiert.

Wir nehmen aktiv an einer Clanliga teil.

Mehreres über uns, könnt ihr auf unserem Discord erfahren.

We offer:

We offer a competent and efficient management. We organize external and internal tournaments with prize money, but also without. We have a very complex system, you can learn more about it in the Discord. Our mission is to get the best out of you and build a strong team.
But we can't do it alone, so we need you. Apply now and build a strong and competent team with us.

We also play Clanwars.

We are looking for:


☰═- 2x Top 500 Placements (One can talk about an exception).
☰═- Brainplay
☰═- Ergebnis (optional)
☰═- Mastery of English
☰═- Active participation in tournaments as well as clan trainings
☰═- Mininum age of 14
☰═- Good mechanics


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