Team Brave

Team Brave➤ Gaming team➤ Organized➤ Success-oriented➤ Goal: organization

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Team Stufe: 2
Since: 2020
Min Age: 12+
600 member

Hachiman eSports

We are Hachiman eSports and our name originated from the japanese god of war. We were founded on the 18th of march in 2020 which means we are pretty new. Because of that we only have a handfull of members but we want to grow as fast as possible. As soon as we reach a big enough amount of members we will also start to play eSport..

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Zate Clan

Zate Clan is a newly formed gaming clan with a focus on esport.We are looking for competitive players to build teams and establishour brand in the esport scene.

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Team Stufe: 2


NoveX-Gaming ist eine neu gegründete Community und sucht ab sofort nach neuen Mitgliedern für Rocket League.Jegliche Skillklassen sind willkommen, um mehrere Teams in verschiedenen Klassen zu bilden.

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