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ab 16 Uhr meistens aber Tag abhängig

Skilled League of Legend ADC who is able to provide as a powerhouse his team with good results.

About me

I have started playing this game this season im a new player but quite famliar with league in generell. Im intrest in a more competitive enviroment for now. Im an ADC Carry main who is able to play a variaty of combs in clash for example. Im currently Gold 3 and aim to reach Plat by the end of the season.
More to me Im 19 years old currently advancing trough my A-Levels im easy to talk to and speak 2langues fluently :
Deutsch, English.
Ich bin offen gegenüber Kritik und bereit :)

I'm looking for:

I'm looking for an esports team in League of Legends. I am 19 years old and I like to play competitive games. I only play adc


Discord ; TxRyze#9650

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