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Silver IV
Top Lane

Play time:

10am-2am if i have nothing to take care of or if im not playing siege

19 yo lookin for duo

About me

Hello wanderer
since ur here lemme tell u about myself
ive been playing league for a very long time (i think season 3)but i never really tried goin for rankeds
that changed last year when i got my own pc
so im looking for a duo partner with no rank specification.
if ur iron or something we can learn together and i can help you a bit. im currenty in silver 4 but tryna get up so if ur on my rank or higher the only rule that stands is that you have to be able to get stomped and still laugh

I'm looking for:

as long as i can play with you (means no plat and up since ranked queue limits) im fine
only thing u gotta bring to the table is fun


League : Wertitti (EUW)

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Discord Wertitti#4933
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