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OOT was founded in 2011. With a relatively low number of members, we have a very family atmosphere. We are a multigaming clan and play mainly Battlefield and Call of Duty, but also other kinds of shooters. We are not one of those huge communities with hundreds of members. If you look for a family atmosphere, you will find it here.
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We offer:

We were founded in 2011. We have around 30 active members, so we are not one of those huge communities. We use our own root server and therefore have free hand over our servers. An overview of our clan:

▣ Teamspeak
▣ Premium Homepage
▣ Professional Forum
▣ Game Servers, such as 7DTD, FS19, Minecraft
▣ Musicbots for every Member
▣ Own image hosting
▣ Teamspeak Security Bot
▣ A very active and experienced clan management
▣ and much more

We are looking for:

Please note: We play hardcore multiplayer and rarely Warzone! We only recruit players who speak german.

We are looking for players who search for a family community and not a mass clan! For us, getting together and having fun is more important than playtime and KD.
But you should:

▣ be at least 21 years old
▣ Use Teamspeak
▣ definitely have fun with the game and the community

All further information is available on our homepage, there you will also find our JoinUs!


Please use the following links for each contact or JoinUs:

▣ Homepage: URL
▣ JoinUs: URL
▣ Contact allgemein: URL

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