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TTVTidefan4ever looking for Apex Team TTVTidefan4ever
Looking for Plat/diamond to grind consistentl..
Looking for players GER/ENG Nathalie25
Suche nach einem trio teammate FabiYo2002

XBOX Players XBOX One Player

Dia 1 looking for 2vs2 mate, german, 15 years.. DQUIS00
Gold(used to be DIA) tank Spidegamer
22, german, Looking for a Cold War Team to pl.. 1mpr3ss1on
Im looking for a clan

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ZATES need a team Azere
LFG or LFM DIA 1/2+ for 2on2, 3on3 Argos
Plat 2 searching for Team to rank up and to p.. Sakadia
Platin 2 is looking for Team Jelto

Top Lane
Team mates Seluri22


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Looking for experienced team for PUBG mobile.. JohnJayRamb0

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Looking for good teammate for 2s Moi

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