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DerBratan Last online: 27 Jan 2021


Play time:

due corona we can play more but if there is school we can only play at evening

i and a friend are searching for a team

About me

Im 14 years old, right now im MGE and I search for a Team. The best would be if it is a German team, but English is also okay. A friend of mine is also searching and we tryna play together. I would like to play Aper but I would adapt to the game. I don't have any competitive knowledge or experience. I just want to rank up in MM and Faceit.
If u are interested and not older than 28 please hit me up

I'm looking for:

We are looking for 3 mates with some strategies that are willing to put in some work to rank up in MM and faceit. I would like to play the AWP but I can adapt to the teams needs. We both don't rlly have experience playing in a team but we are trying our best to get better. We both have around 350-400 hours.


Dc: Leopold Lotto #4218

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