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About us

Our club is pretty new, but we still have our own experiences from other rocket league clubs.
At the moment, we have high level players on C3 and GC level. But we're still interested in "lower" ranks, beginning at C1, to train and coach them through internal matches and replay analyses.
Apart from that, we have our own Discord server. Every own internal team can get an own voice- and text-channel to train and play together.
We don't have particular rules for the age, but you should know how to behave in a community.
If you're now interested in joining our club, just contact us through a private message on Discord or just join our Discord server.

We offer:

-Competent players on C3 and GC level
-Private matches between club-members
--> with replay analyses
-Coaching at your tournaments
-Help on several platforms (e.g. Twitch)
-Own Discord server to train and play
--> Own Channel for 2v2/3v3 teams
-Helpful and friendly community
-Active leaders and community

We are looking for:

-Certain maturity (no determined age)
-Constant at least C1 level
-Activity and respect for everyone in the club
-Fun at the game!


You can contact us either by PM in Discord or on our Discord server.
Link: URL
Discord account: NicoTNG#6390