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DreamingTc Last online: 03 Apr 2021

Silver IV
Top Lane

Play time:

i Play alot all time just ask

search Solo/Duo / Flex mates to improve SilverIV 20yo

About me

Hey Guys - my name is **Max** - ingame DreamingTc

Region: EUW.

Age: 20

Language: German, English

Main Role: ADC / Alternate Roles:, Support, Top, Jngl

Champs: Draven, Jinx, xayah, Vayne ,Jhin, Fiora,Riven,ww, Ekko,Fizz, Kled , Viktor. Lulu , Bard

Tier: Silver

Iam looking for a Team or Duo mate to play and improve with because i cant be arsed all this toxicity in soloQ.

I wanna Rank up in Flex and Clash and Solo Duo

I got a lot of time to play - the times gotta get organized though.

I'm looking for:

I search for mates to Improve in Solo/duo and Flex
iam 20 years old
-Ger -Eng
Silver IV
Main Bottom / Top


DreamingTc ingame
Discord:MMjays Place#9587

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