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Hi, I'm iSnix, I've been playing Rocket League for almost 2.4k hours. At the moment I am at Exade ESports, since I left my team there and otherwise no other team is playing in my league, I have decided to log into Gamertransver or Teamup again and create a player profile.

This season I'm in 3s on 1285mmr so c2 league 4.
I have an understanding of the defensive and offensive rotation.
The so-called calling is still a bit difficult for me personally, but it is not a thing of the impossibility.

I am looking for a team that:
- Has training times
- Even outside of the training times, plays or
other games plays
- Kind of in my league
- Doesn't rotate ballside back all the time ...
Age: 20
City: Nürnberg
Country: European
Listed for: Rocket League
System: PC


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