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Mojo Last online: 11 Apr 2021

K/D: 14+

Play time:

Mostly about 18:00 to 19:00 German Time

Looking for a duo/trio

About me

Hey, im Leonard,14, and im playing fortnite since chapter 1 season 2. Im searching for a duo mate and a trio for customs and normal arena. Good Mechanics(fast 90, tunneling, triple edits). Btw im German, but english isnt a problem. Im playing daily, mostly in the evening.

I'm looking for:

Hi, im searching for a duo/trio for playing arena, customs and tournements. Good mechanics, lot of late game practice.
Too me: 14, Console, Controller
Too you: min 14, PC/Console, wanna get better and get late game practice.
DM me if youre imterested

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