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Pau1 Last online: 30 Apr 2021


Play time:

Im from the UK so i commonly play in the afternoon to evening (2PM BST - 10PM BST)

Looking for an MM team

About me

I was DMG but took a break to play Valorant but I'm looking to find an MM team to come back to CSGO. My current rank is MG1 and I mainly can play 2nd AWP and Rifle.

Just looking to have fun in MM and I hope to have fun with other people while also seeing the people around me improve at the games

I'm looking for:

Looking for a team to play MM. I'm MG1 currently

I take a more relaxed stance when it comes to competitive games while also trying my best to win

I hope to have fun with other people along with watch the people I play with get better as we improve play together



Discord: Pau1_#7890

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